About Us

Cosmic Bliz is a dedicated company, which foundation is based on an integrative view of the Universe. We seek items from all over the world, carefully selected to meet high standards of our merchandise. We sell items that are based on satisfying multi-sensory pathways of the person, as we believe that all is interconnected forming the Universal Language. All our products are made of raw natural elements from earth or the cosmos. Although some of the effects of these raw elements are yet to be fully understood or detected by our current methods of scientific measurements; nonetheless, these natural elements are beautiful, mysterious, pleasant and conducive to amplify, direct and balance the life-force in a person’s body and surroundings. We hope through our products you will discover that working with organic and natural elements is a natural way to improve one’s wellbeing.


Our Products

Musical Instruments

Our guitars and other musical instruments would satisfy your auditory, tactile, kinesthetic and visual perceptual channels.



Our crystals, with their fascinating beauty would tap on your visual-perceptive pathways that produce harmonious effects; perhaps other effects that are not yet fully understood. Like musical instruments, the light vibrating in crystals are also part of the Universal Language.


Numismatic Collectibles

Our numismatic collectibles coins speak for themselves. They are made of precious or semi-precious metals, while they are part of the Human history.


Cultural Artifacts

Our artifacts are gathered from different cultures all over the world. Our trinkets, boxes, jewellery and adornments, are handcrafted from natural elements such as wood, metals, stones, glass and etc.